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Saddle Gullet Plate – Wintec

The Easy Change Gullet System allows you to alter the width of a Wintec or Bates saddle to custom fit the shape of your horse’s wither creating ideal clearance and perfect balance. Six different gullet sizes are available from extra narrow to extra wide.

The kit comes complete with a single gullet plate, 1 spare head screw, 1 spare t-nut, 2 spare gullet screws and easy to use instructions. With the Easy-Change Gullet system, a new horse no longer means a new saddle.

The gullets are specifically manufactured to fit the standard Wintec and Bates saddle ranges. Not suitable for use on the Wintec Wide and Bates Wide saddle ranges.

Colours and Sizes: Yellow (X-Narrow), Green (Narrow), Black (Medium), Blue (Medium Wide), Red (Wide) and White (X-Wide).