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Numnah HRP Equestrian Jump Pro Dual WINGS®

Designed for the active horse, this award winning saddle pad offers style, durability and maximum fabric performance. Offering maximum comfort and scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the lumbar spinous processes, maximized performance is encouraged.

The saddle pads technologically advanced lightweight wicking fabric with suede effect inner creates a non-slip effect, eliminating the need for two pads and keeps the pad right where you need it
Delivers pressure and weight distribution properties to keep you and the horse in top form
All of our saddle pads are scientifically proven to exert ZERO pressure behind the saddle
All of our saddle pads are easy to wash and dry fast!

Available Sizes:  full, cob, pony.

Available Colours: White, navy, black

Care and Info: Machine washable at 40 degrees to the wash instructions. Allow to dry after each use lay saddle pad flat when not in use.