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Numnah HRP Equestrian Dressage Dual Wing

This superbly shaped, smart and versatile pad is very popular for all activities. The diamante quilt gives a sumptuous feel and the three colours of this collection are restrained and elegant to enhance the luxurious design. With this pad you can always be confident that your horse is comfortable. This top end designed pad is ideal for everyday or competition use.

This innovative saddle pad offer superior support, comfort and durability compared to other saddle pads on the market
Widely used by endurance and competitive riders all over the world
Allows close contact with the horse for better communication and the ultimate impact protection
Protects the horses back
All of our saddle pads are scientifically proven to exert ZERO pressure behind the saddle
All of our saddle pads are easy to wash and dry fast!

Available Sizes:  full, cob, pony.

Available Colours: White, navy, black

Care and Info: Machine washable at 40 degrees to the wash instructions. Allow to dry after each use lay saddle pad flat when not in use.