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Mass Gain Plus

Recommendation for use: Mass Gain Plus is a unique feed supplement that provides extra calories for optimal weight gain and fuel for energy and performance, without the heating effect.

Bag size: 10kg/ 20kg


Horses over 350kg 1 cup (250ml).

Horses under 350kg ½ cup (125ml)


Bergafat HP106

Rich in Omega 3
Rich source of energy
Increases daily weight gain
Shortens the fattening period
Corn and Flax seed oils

Rich in Omega 6
Promotes and maintains healthy skin
Promotes digestion
Supports immune system
Helps reduce post –exercise soreness
Brewer’s Yeast

Rich source of B complex vitamins
Conditioner for skin and hair

Aids in calcium absorbtion
Helps to form collagen for skin, bone and cartilage
Assists in repairing tissue and building muscle
Immune booster
Wheat Germ

Rich in B vitamins, iron, vitamin E, copper, calcium, magnesium and manganese.
Assists fertility