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Magic Brush

Magic Brush in various colours: Three brushes – three colors – a bristle – the lightweight all-rounder with feel-good effect for the effective horse care.
The brush cleans thoroughly, clean and fast even stubborn dirt. The ergonomic design of the MAGIC BRUSH makes it comfortable for both adults and kids. The special structure and shape of the bristle enables efficient cleaning with simultaneous massaging effect for your horse. It is versatile for the hoof, leg and grooming. Easily and thoroughly these horses brush comes into narrow cavities and spaces. The sensitive  joints and bones are protected by the special bristles. The back of the MAGIC BRUSH serves as welding knife. Even saddle cloths, Leggings and boots can be cleaned using the MAGIC BRUSH. The special material of MAGIC BRUSH prevents premature bending of the bristle tips, the brush is almost indestructible. It is manufactured in the EU. The brush is easy to clean and can be washed hot when needed in the washing machine. The national and international seal of quality and prices of independent equestrian magazines – like Cavallo, St. George, Hippson, My Horse, Equestrian Trade News (ETN) and other – confirm the first-class quality and efficient care with feel-good effect.