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Liquid SeeVitE

Liquid SeeVitE provides a combination of vitamin E and the cofactor Selenium which work together in synergy in performance horses to provide a potent antioxidant effect for improved endurance and performance, and improved recovery, as well as being essential in tissue repair processes and immune function. Composition: Vitamin E: 125 g/l Selenium: 500 mg / l Properties: Vitamin E is a well recognised antioxidant, which acts in conjunction with the second antioxidant, Selenium, to improve muscle function, help delay Tying up and scavenge the free radicals produced in abundance with exercise.

This helps to reduce tissue damage and improve recovery. Vitamin E is involved with regulating heart function, improving immune function and dealing with high fat diets. Vitamin E suppresses the auto oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids during hard exercise and protects cell membranes from free radical damage. Vitamin E is also vital in normal reproductive function by preparation and protection of pregnancy, regulation of hormone metabolism via the anterior lobes of the pituitary gland. Vitamin E also plays an essential part in carbohydrate and creatine metabolism, as well as muscle metabolism and glycogen balance.

Selenium acts in synergy with Vitamin E as an antioxidant, helps delay tying up and improve muscle function, and helps reduce cardiac damage. Selenium is an essential trace mineral required in small amounts on a constant basis. The bio-availability of Selenium is dependant on the form or salt of the mineral. Liquid SeeVitE contains Zinc-L-Selenomethionine which is highly available. Physiological Function: Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (6th Edition) states the following: Selenium is now known to be essential for tissue respiration and is protective against dietary hepatic necrosis.

It is extremely active and is only required in minute amounts. Vitamin E enhances the action of Selenium, but both are required. Selenium is an essential component of glutathione peroxidase, which catalyzes oxidation of reduced glutathione. (2)glutathione-SH + H2O2 glutathione-S-S-glutathione + H2O (reduced form) (oxidised form) The glutathione peroxidase catalyzes removal of hydrogen peroxide and fatty acid hydroperoxides and so exerts a protective effect on all cells, but especially on muscle, liver and erythrocytes.

The essential substances required for removal of peroxides are reduced glutathione and glutathione peroxidase. Vitamin E maintains glutathione in the reduced form by preventing formation of hydroperoxides; it is an antioxidant and so reduces the amount of glutathione peroxidase required. Cysteine (N-acetylcysteine) is required for the reduced sulfhydryl radical of glutathione and is generally present in adequate quantities. Selenium and vitamin E enhance each other’s reaction and together protect cells, especially hepatocytes, against harmful buildup of peroxides.

Dosage recommendations:
PRECAUTION: DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGES!!! Not to be fed in conjunction with other supplements containing Vitamin E or Selenium, if in doubt consult registration holder. Adult Horse: Give 10 ml orally twice weekly. Best given prior to hard work and competition days. Pour the required dose in 2 – 3 places on top of the feed, mix in lightly. Alternatively the measured dose of Liquid SeeVitE may be drawn into a liquid syringe and deposited on the back of the tongue. Iron is an antagonist of Vitamin E. Therefore we recommend that when giving Liquid SeeVitE concurrently with any supplement containing iron, that Liquid SeeVitE be given in the morning feed and the iron supplement in the evening feed. Alternatively Liquid SeeVitE can be administered by an oral syringe, preferably 30 minutes prior to feeding the iron supplement.o