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Kinesiology Tape

Benefits Of Using LB Sports Tape:
Lessens pain
Joint support
Increased blood circulation and lymphatic flow
Inflamed area gets healed quicker
The tape does not restrict your mobility
In some cases patients had an instant relief from pain
Versatility: Many varieties of strapping techniques can be created from a 5 cm x 5 m roll of tape.
The tape assists the body’s own healing powers to work better.

Product Information:
100% Cotton, Hypo Allergenic, Water Resistant, Application lasts up to one week
For General Relief Of:
Foot pain
Achilles tendon
Ankle sprain
Calf sprain
Shin splints
Quadriceps pain
Runner’s knee
Hip or knee pain
Torn Hip Muscles
Back pain
Neck pain
Head Aches
Torn rib muscles
Hamstring strains
Tennis Elbow
Shoulder pain
And many more…