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Horse Shoe Malaysian Training Plate (TP)

Malaysian horseshoes are made of steel, using the ‘drop-forged’ process. The Malaysian training plate is a light steel exercise shoe designed for the racehorse or polo pony. Toe-clips on both front and hind shoes ensure a secure fit.

Available in Sizes: 2 (suited to yearlings), 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Nails for use on these horseshoes: Mustad ASV1 3/4 (NAIL1035), Mustad Reg 4 Nails (NAIL1037), Mustad E3 Nails (NAIL1024), Mustad E3 Slim Nails (NAIL1042), Australian A5 Race Nails (NAIL1056), Australian E3 Nails (NAIL1066) or Australian E3 Slim Nails (NAIL1067).

Sold per full set.