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Horse Shoe Libero

The Mustad Libero is an upgrade on the Mustad base horse shoe range, making it suitable for most leisure and sport purposes with a wide variety of sizes and sections. It has been designed thanks to the collaboration of an extended farrier team, formed by specialists from France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland.

The main objective of the expert team has been to respect, as much as possible, the natural shape of the hoof – providing the best support and protection for the horse while making farriers’ life easier when shoeing. Even if some models give a somewhat symmetrical feel, the new Libero is manufactured as a left and right shoe.

The outside branch is clearly marked in the fuller and is always slightly longer with the nail holes punched a fraction coarser for optimum fitting and nailing on. The bends of the inside and outside branches follow the physiological shape of most European breeds.

A moderate form of sole relief now starts 1mm after the white line. This ensures that no part of the sole will be weight bearing without increasing the risk of a stone lodging between the shoe and the sole.

Mustad has learned from experience that as much as 50% of the shoe can be worn away during one shoeing cycle. The consequence of this is that the top half of the nail hole should not be relied upon for shoe retention. Mustad has therefore redesigned the crease and the nail hole in order to guarantee that the nail will always fully seat at the bottom half of the nail hole in combination with Mustad nails. The V-fuller fits seamlessly with most European style standard and long neck nails.

Special attention has gone into sourcing quality steel for the manufacture of the Libero. Mustad’s choice of steel grade gives you the right balance between the ability to shape the shoe on the anvil and durability underneath the hoof. With very low content of Carbon and Manganese, the shoe is able to retain its ability to be reshaped – even after cooling down in water.

Hind shoes are side clipped. Sold per pair. Sizes: 0000, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.