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Grippi Tape

Benefits Of Using LB Grippi Tape:
A cohesive bandage is a type of bandage that adheres to itself but doesn’t adhere to other surfaces, such as the skin. The most common use for cohesive bandages is to wrap limbs, and the bandages can be used on both humans and animals. Cohesive bandages are commonly found in first aid kits and can also be purchased in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Cohesive bandages are used to stop bleeding, immobilize joints, dress wounds, secure intravenous lines and keep surgical dressings in place. They also can help to control swelling, increase circulation, promote healing, treat ulcers and reduce inflammation.

Cohesive bandages are manufactured by knitting or weaving a combination of cotton, polymer yarns and latex into a stretchy gauze material. The material is lightweight, airy, durable and has great elasticity. Securing a cohesive bandage in place usually requires the use of clips or pins, but there are some adhesive bandages on the market that will function without the use of any additional fasteners. The bandages also come in a variety of colors, making them more appealing to children. Veterinarians prefer using cohesive bandages on animals because the material won’t stick to hair or fur and can be easily removed