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Feed Lucerne Cubes Driehoek

Note: Product will not be a stocked item in the shop – place order prior to pick up. Various sizes available.

Driehoek’s Lucerne Cubes consist of First Grade Lucerne pressed into cubes for ease of use when required.
Pure cane molasses syrup and additional phosphate are added to the mixture before pelletting, and it is
also further enriched with essential vitamins and trace minerals.

Lucerne Cubes is a high Protein, roughage supplement which can be used to supplement the diets of all
game, horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Using Lucerne Cubes minimises the normal handling problems
associated with using Lucerne bales, for instance:

• High wastage
• Storage space required
• Fire hazards
• Losses due to mould
• Big price variations
• Unknown bale weights

From a nutritional point of view, Lucerne Cubes are correctly balanced. The inclusion of molasses syrup
significantly increases the energy value, while the addition of phosphate addresses the normal Calcium:
Phosphate imbalance of Lucerne. The required salt level is also ensured. The enrichment of the essential
vitamins and trace minerals ensures the product can be utilised without requiring any other supplementation.

Feeding direction: As in all feeding programs, animals should be adapted slowly to a new ration and overeating by hungry animals should be prevented. Lucerne Cubes are ideal to feed as roughage where additional protein is also required