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Complete Equifox

Concentrated vitamins, minerals and amino acids – also contains pro-biotic for optimal gut health
Tub Size: 1kg/3kg/5kg

Bags: 10kg/25kg

Dosage: Stallions and Horses in work: 70g; Nursing foals and Yearlings: 30-55g; Broodmares: 30-110g; Dogs: 5-20g


Manganese Lysine Cystine
Magnesium Histidine Leucine
Zinc Arganine Vitamin A
Copper Aspartic Acid Vitamin D3
Cobalt Threonine Vitamin B1
Iodine Serine Vitamin B2
Crude Protein Glutamic Acid Vitamin B6
Moisture (max) Proline Vitamin K3
Fat (min) Glycine Pantothenic acid
Linoleic acid (min) Alanine Folic acid
Fibre (max) Valine Choline
Gross energy Methionine Nicotinic
Calcium (min) Isoleucine Vitamin B12
Phosphorous (min) Tyrosine Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Iron Pheaylanaline Streptococcis faecium