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Bit Elliptical Portuguese Snaffle

Loose ring snaffle with smaller rings attached to the top and bottom of the large ring. This bit works like a snaffle with extra leverage. The main purpose of this bit is to lower the horse’s head through poll pressure, and to provide stronger control. The reins can be attached in a variety of ways. If the reins are attached to the main large ring the bit has the same effect as a loose ring snaffle, with slightly more poll pressure due to the cheek pieces attaching to the smaller top ring. When the reins are attached to the lower ring, the poll pressure is increased, giving the rider more control and putting more pressure on the mouth. This bit can also be used with multiple reins or connectors, softening the leverage/pressure. The oval elliptical link has similar benefits to a french link, with reduced nutcracker action, more even pressure over the bars, and independent control over the two sides of the mouth. in 5″ and 5.5″.

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