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Numnah HRP Equestrian Mono Contour Wing®

The Mono Contour Wing® takes saddle pads to a whole new level of show ring style with its unique spin on the classic design. Its contoured wither profile and spine free channel give your horse extra comfort and support. Luxury, comfort and performance combine flawlessly with our Mono Contour Wing; a must have for everyday training and competitions.

The Mono Contour Wing saddle pad has an additional feature, showing the unique fact that a logo can be displayed on the saddle pad behind the cantle of the saddle
Ultimate protection for both your back and your horses back
Shimmable for fine tuning saddle fit
Encourages your horse to lift and engage through their back
Allows better communication between the rider and the horses back
All of our saddle pads are scientifically proven to exert ZERO pressure behind the saddle
All of our saddle pads are easy to wash and dry fast!

Available Sizes:  full, cob, pony.

Available Colours: White, navy, black

Care and Info: Machine washable at 40 degrees to the wash instructions. Allow to dry after each use lay saddle pad flat when not in use.